In February 2014, Jade was alerted she would have to move cross-country from California to work out of a military base in Virginia. She also found out that Judah, the loveable pitbull who had been her best friend for years, could not live on base with her. With no friends or family that could watch her wonderful dog, Jade turned to PACT. Judah was placed in the amazing Mann family home, who in addition to horses, sheep, and chickens, had thirteen beautiful dogs on their farm! When Judah was dropped off, he was all smiles, and he immediately started playing with the other dogs. He was especially excited about all the toys the other dogs didn’t seem to know how to chew properly! In January 2015, Jade managed to secure off-base housing and immediately drove up to pick up her beloved pup. While Judah will miss his other dog friends, he is overjoyed to be back with his momma, and we are all happy to see such a wonderful dog be with the person he loves.

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