Last winter, we posted an amazing video of a soldier being welcomed home by her sweet persian cats, Herbie and Petunia. Watch the video here! That video was picked up and shared across many cat websites, and was even featured by the Conscious Cat with Ingrid King for Memorial Day! When we ran into Ingrid at Blog Paws a week later, we were so grateful that she shared our video and helped educate people about PACT that we had to track her down and thank her. Ingrid loves PACT and what we do, and suggested doing a follow-up interview with Joy, now that she has been home with her loving kitties for 6 months. We connected the two of them and could not be happier about it– Joy is doing great, Herbie and Petunia are more spoiled than ever, and PACT and Ingrid now have more cute Persian cat photos than we know what to do with! Here’s an excerpt:

“I asked Joy about what it was like to finally be reunited with Herbie and Petunia. ‘I was so excited, I almost cried all the way to Cindy’s house,’ said Joy. “When I got there, they reacted exactly how you would expect cats to react: ‘Oh. You’re back. Hello. How are you?’

Even though the reunion may be less flashy than some of the videos of dogs welcoming their soldiers home, I think the joy on Joy’s face more than makes up for any lack of visible enthusiasm on the cats’ part. And Herbie obviously was plenty excited about Joy’s return. ‘He slept on my head for a week, literally every night,’ said Joy, ‘and I mean ON my head!'”

Read all about how Joy rescued one of the cats from a dumpster, Joy’s new addition to the family, and what it was like to have her pets fostered by PACT at the Conscious Cat blog here! Once again a huge thank you to Ingrid King for sharing PACT with the world, and to Joy for being such a wonderful kitty mom to her beautiful little cats.