We are so glad you are interested in joining our team here at PACT – together, we save lives! There are several different ways you can get involved with the amazing work that we do.

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Foster Homes

Fostering is the most needed and helpful way to support PACTs mission. We currently have approximately 250 foster homes in Southeastern PA, Southern NJ and Delaware and approximately 400 foster homes in the rest of the country. However, can barely keep up with the number of applications we receive for animal fostering, and we are always looking to grow our number of foster homes. Foster Homes can be any size or type, our foster pets come in all shapes and sizes too! All PACT foster homes are inspected by a Home Visit Volunteer or PACT employee before any animals are placed. Our fosters range from one month to two years but average about eight months, with the Owner covering the cost of their pet’s food and medical care throughout the foster. Should any problem arise, PACT personnel are on hand 24/7 to help. Foster families can be anywhere in the U.S.; we are currently trying to expand our operations to support more people and animals in need. Please fill out the foster home application here.

Home Visit Volunteer

Our Home Visit Volunteers meet prospective foster families and check their homes for animal-appropriateness before any pets are placed there. We only want the best of care for the Best Friends of our soldiers and hospital patients. Home Visits are important to check the temperament of any current pets, see where the animal will be kept at night, how long the pet will be left alone, etc, to make the best match between Foster Home and Foster Pet. All new Home Visit Volunteers must provide two veterinary or animal-welfare references, and have animal experience and people skills.

Video Editor

We have several amazing reunions a month that we would love to have video-logged, with or without additional interviews of the owner and foster family. If you have skill/equipment and would like to help with one of these, we would love to have you with us!


The more people know about us, the more lives we can save! If you can post fliers in your area to spread awareness, and/or speak to business owners about partnering with PACT, your work today could save a life tomorrow! Let us know you are interesting in flyering by sending us your name, address, and phone number and we will send you handouts. We need volunteers to post these in shelters, hospitals, VFWs, coffee shops, kennels, and pet stores, or anywhere animal lovers, hospital patients, or military personnel may see it.

Hold a Fundraiser!

Fundraisers can be car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands, selling candy bars, door-to-door collecting, restaurant percentages, business donations, spaghetti dinners, or anything you can think of! Call or email us anytime to speak more about this fun and exciting volunteer activity, great for teams, groups, schools, and scout troops.

If you have any particular skills – especially video editing, silkscreening, or SEO skills, please tell us about them! Perhaps you can support PACT in ways that are not mentioned here. To volunteer or for more information, contact us at