Johnny has been reunited with Dominick!

Dominick is in the Army and currently attending training. He couldn’t find anyone to take care of his dog Johnny, and his heart broke when he had to surrender him to the public animal shelter in Los Angeles. This was before he learned that PACT existed. Upon hearing about PACT’s mission to keep owners and their pets together in this type of situation, he quickly contacted the shelter trying to save his best friend. To his utter shock, Johnny was still there!

Dominick’s mother Maureen is currently working with the shelter to try and get Johnny back and transport him to PA, where she lives. Once he arrives in PA, Johnny will need a foster home for the next year approximately. This will give Maureen time to find pet friendly housing and then Johnny can live with her until Dominick returns from his assignment.

Johnny’s family describes him as sweet and submissive. He may not have been treated kindly before living with Dominick because he would initially cower when being pet. Johnny loves the company and affection from people and other friendly dogs. He just needs a foster that will be patient and gentle with him.

*Since the original post, Johnny has been saved from the shelter and has made it to Pennsylvania! The last thing we want is for him to end up back in a shelter because we cannot find him a foster home!

It is truly a miracle that Johnny still has a chance to be reunited with Dominick in the future. PACT needs your help to make this a reality! Please consider opening your heart to Johnny by giving him a loving place to stay.

We are so thrilled to announce that Johnny has been given a second chance by PACT foster Salvatore and his family!

If you are interested in fostering wonderful pets like these, please fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email and let us know!