Tim is a citizen in Tulsa, OK, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment.  His dog, John (AKA Axel), was being watched locally by a friend of a friend, but unfortunately they aren’t able to continue to care for him.  John needs a foster near Tulsa ASAP – 4/30/2020.  Can you offer him a safe place to stay?

John is a 1 year old 70 lbs neutered male American Bulldog/Lab mix.  John is up to date on his vaccinations.  John is a very big, energetic, playful puppy.  He will need a patient foster who is able to give him structure, exercise, and work on his basic obedience training with him.  He’s a gorgeous dog who gets along well with other dogs, but doesn’t have much experience with kids, and will need to be taught to play gently with little ones.  Tim says, “John is a fun-loving, pup. He’s strong and beautiful and has never met a stranger. He is a very quick learner and can be trained easily. Very smart, cute and fun-loving pup!  The perfect foster for John would be a family with young kids who like to play. Someone who can spend time to finish his basic training and run around with him. John is very good by himself for long periods of time as well, as has had to have been the case recently during my initial treatments.”

Additionally, we would like to share this special message from Tim: “Thank you so much for your work and this organization. It may sound silly to not want to part with my dog, but I am single and divorced and my daughter died in the Joplin tornadoes several years ago, so John is really the only thing I have left. He is like my kid and I love him and am not ready to fully give him up yet but I need a lot of help to care for him now. I just want him to be in a good, safe home while I am going through treatment and recovering. And I would like to get to see him occasionally if possible. Thank you.”

ASAP– 4/30/2020 (2 months)
Currently in Tulsa, OK
Male, Neutered, 1 years old, 70 lbs American Bulldog/Lab mix

Children: Untested with kids
Other dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: No cats, please!
High Energy, house broken, leash training, needs obedience training help, up to date on vaccinations

If you are interested in fostering pets like John, fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email info@pactforanimals.org and let us know!