Jack Jack needs a Foster home for 2 years, his owners are heartbroken they can’t take him with them on the new assignment. Jack Jack’s family say,”  Jack Jack is family. We fully intend to reunite with our boy upon completion of the tour.  He is an amazing companion to our 8-year-old son and dedicated to every member of his pack (our family).”

Melanie  is a member of the Army and is preparing for an overseas assignment from 11/08/2021 – 10/11/2023. She needs a foster for her dog, Jack Jack , preferably near their home in Centreville , VA but are willing to travel outside of the area to ensure Jack Jack finds a proper foster.

Jack Jack  is a 3year old, 45lbs, neutered male American Pit bull Terrier . Jack Jack is up to date on his vaccinations and flea/tick prevention. Jack Jack  is leash trained , but may pull when other dogs approach because he wants to play with them. He is a classic APBT that thinks he’s a lapdog and ALWAYS has to be in the middle of family activities. He loves it when his people get down on the carpet and play / pet / wrestle with him. Jack Jack periodically has a “Pit Fit” or “zoomies” for which the breed is known. He gets a bout of energy and runs a top speed around the house for a minute or two then collapses for a nap or comes looking for attention. He also knows basic commands; sit, stay, leave it, Okay (release). He and his “brother” are trained to sit calmly in front of their food bowls and look us directly in the eyes until released to eat with the command “Okay”.
Jack Jack loves to chew on bones and antlers to burn energy.  He does well in a crate and well when left at home uncrated (for shorter durations of 1-2 hours) We have several (4-6) cow femur bones and elk antler bones available to the dogs at all times. Note – owner can/will pay for or have them sent a steady supply of high-quality APBT-proof bones.
He has some unknown allergy for which his family give him a daily (morning) of allergy meds,  they toss it in his bowl and he gobbles it down with zero trouble.  They also give him a daily (morning) dose of Zinc. APBTs have high muscle mass and are prone to zinc deficiency. The Zinc supplement is preventative – not required but we would prefer it remain part of his routine while in foster. And we do add salmon oil to his food both morning and night. The family will provide all the above.
FUR FACTS: Jack Jack
11/08/2021 – 10/08/2023 (24 months)
Currently in Centreville , VA
Male, Neutered , 3 years old, 45lbs American Pit Bull Terrier
Children: Good with kids
Other dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: untested
Medium Energy, leash trained, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick prevention
If you would be interested in fostering Jack Jack please email us at: info@pactforanimals.org