Barish, Skat, and Houdini are a kitty family who were born at their moms house in Australia, and had never been apart. SrA Nikoletta was terrified of losing them when she found out she was required to live on-base for nine months! Luckily Nikoletta found PACT, who placed the sweet kitty sisters in the Hotchkiss home, a wonderful family that has fostered cats for PACT before. Their brother, Barish, was staying with another friend but soon joined his sisters. When Nikoletta met the Hotchkiss family and saw how quickly her kitties settled in, all her fears dissolved. Nikoletta would drive hours to visit her fur-babies once a month, and got to see first-hand what a good foster home the Hotchkiss family was, until she was finally able to move off-base and into her own home. Thanks to the Hotchkiss family and PACT for Animals, SrA Nikoletta was able to do her duty to her country with a happy heart, keep her furry family together, and have her best friends back when she completed her service.

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