Honor and Izzy are incredible!

These two amazing English Setters will fill your life with love! Honor is a sweet senior gentleman, while his younger sister Izzy loves playing with people and other male dogs. They are the beloved pets of Marines Major Eric and Melissa and their four children. Four years ago, Eric was badly injured on deployment and suffered a leg amputation and knee replacement, then contracted MRSA in the hospital which took years to clear up. Major Eric finally has a clean bill of health and has just five months left of physical rehabilitation before he can leave the hospital in Camp LeJeune, NC! Unfortunately, the kind veteran who was watching their beloved dogs was not able to keep them due to his own health complications. Luckily, our amazing PACT Foster Family, Fran, stepped up, and welcomed Honor and Izzy into her home. Fran is thrilled to have such great company, and Major Eric can fully focus on healing instead of worrying whether his dogs are safe.

Check out the happy reunion between Honor and Izzy and their family! Thank you to Fran for being such a wonderful foster mom to them!
Reunion video

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