As 2017 draws to a close, the staff in PACT’s office must reflect on the accomplishments and improvements made in our programs this year while looking forward to the potential of 2018. In 2017, we have transported, assisted, and fostered over 150 individual animals. We’ve helped animals in over 33 states, as far away as Washington, California, and Nevada. We fostered 118 dogs, 41 cats, and 1 bird. We not only broke our record for most animals assisted in a single year, we demolished it, beating the previous record by over 40 animals! We are incredibly humbled by the efforts of our fosters, volunteers, and donors who make this work possible. PACT is one of the only organizations in the country providing personally matched foster homes for pets of military members on deployment. We are humbled to do such important work, and we are so grateful to all of you for helping us achieve our goals.


No companion animal should be needlessly surrendered to a shelter due to temporary illness or military service. PACT was founded to give peace of mind to owners going through these trials of life, and to provide their pets with temporary homes until they could be reunited with the owners who love them. That’s just what we will continue to do, with your help. In 2018, we hope to break even more records and help even more families care for and reunite with their pets. We cannot do this alone.


If you are already a foster, thank you. Without you, our program simply would not exist. But even with over 400 fosters spread across the country, we need to engage even more animal-loving homes and businesses to help those in need. If you know of a friend or neighbor who would be willing to lend a hand, make sure they know about PACT. You’re helping us to grow our programs and help more families!


We are always taking the suggestions of our volunteers and fosters into consideration to better our programs and provide a more enjoyable experience to the people who are volunteering their homes and time for us. Most recently it was suggested to us that we offer the option to foster an animal for 1-4 weeks. These “short-term fosters” would offer their homes just long enough for PACT staff to find a nearby foster home ready to take in the animal or animals for their full term, providing staff with more time to find a match even after an owner has been deployed. Thanks so much to Foster Diane for suggesting what has been a very successful aid to our program!


Once again, we could not do any of the great work we do without YOU. Your donations of your time, your homes, and money are greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing to make miracles happen for families in the new year.