Amanda deeply loves her wonderful Weimaraner/Pit bull mix, George, and had lined up what she thought was a great foster family for him, but when her sister found out George was not being properly cared for she knew something had to be done. When PACT was contacted, we quickly lined up a wonderful foster family, and George was driven 12 hours from South Carolina to his new foster home! Two months later, George’s Foster mom Andrea suffered a stress fracture in her foot and could no longer walk him. A local kennel, the Barker Lounge, offered to house George until we found him a new Foster. Within two days, PACT had an eager new Foster Family for George, with an excited 3-year-old lab, and the Barker Lounge loved him so much they offered free day-care for him one day a week! George had a new friend, Carol had a new family member, and Amanda had complete peace of mind while she finished her Navy tour of duty. Carol and her family loved George so much that when Amanda was unable to find pet-friendly housing, they happily adopted George to be part of their own family forever. Thank you to Andrea, the Barker Lounge, and Carol + Family, everyone who was a wonderful, supportive part of this heartwarming story.

If you are interested in fostering wonderful pets like these, please fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email and let us know!