Francesca the Pomeranian is the beloved 2 month old fur-baby of Corporal Babin and his fiancee. Babin was surprised with a 2-month training in Arizona when his fiancee would not be able to take Fran either. They desperately did not want to lose her, but had no friends or family that could watch a puppy for two months. When Corporal Babin contacted PACT, we connected him with the Placha family who had 3 big dogs but was more than happy to watch a little puffball pom puppy until her owner returned. Fran and the Plachas’ other dogs immediately took to each other, and within a day Francesca had her own adopted doggy-mom to cuddle with! Two months later Fran was joyously reunited with her family. Fran was so excited to see them again she quickly wore herself out and slept all the way home. Thank you to the Corporal Babin for your service to our country, and thank you to the Plachas for helping people and pets in need.

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