At PACT, we always insist that our foster families keep in touch with pet owners. Most of our families go above and beyond this request with phone calls, funny pictures, and even videos of fosters. A very special foster mom, Laura, decided to help her foster pet, Sadie the Sled Dog, write letters to her family overseas. Laura has generously shared a letter in hopes of telling the world about Sadie’s adventures at PACT a.k.a “sleep-away camp.” Take a look and see what an amazing time foster pets have when they stay with PACT families!

Hi Girls!

I told my Foster Mom, Laura, that I wanted to tell you about what I’ve been doing. She has been showing me pictures Mom posts of you on FaceBook, and telling me about your adventures in Europe. Since Laura knows how you girls are the Most Important People in my world, she is helping me write this letter to you.

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I have been having a great time living in Texas. The house here is the best REALLY long sleep-away camp on the planet. I am such a LUCKY dog. Tiffy and Marco have become my best puppy friends. We hang out together, and play, and we all go walking and running with Laura almost every day. I have learned to carry a doggy backpack, which I really like, since it’s important for me to have a job. My backpack holds a couple bottles of water, and the poop bags. Laura says my help makes running much more fun.

A few weeks ago, I got to run with Lady the German Shepherd. Her human is a friend of Laura’s, and they went with us one Saturday morning. Lady got tired, and had to go home before me, but while we got to run together, I sang songs for Lady, telling her how I needed to be next to her, not behind her. Why? Because I am a Mighty Sled Dog. And Mighty Sled Dogs have to be at the front of the pack.

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I also got to run something Laura calls a half marathon. I carried my backpack. I ran in front of Tiffy and Marco. I made sure everyone knew where Laura wanted us do go. We ran and walked for two and a half hours. It was SO MUCH FUN! I saw other dogs, birds, squirrels (!), trees, lakes, bicycles, children, and so many fun things. When we finished, I got half a bagel as a treat. Then I took a LOOOOONG nap when we got home.

I am learning how to do so many things. I am a very smart dog. I have learned that “HEEL” means I walk or run to the left of whoever has my leash. “BEDTIME” means I go lay down on my cushion in the corner of the living room, and go to sleep. “STRIDE!” means I get to run really fast for a while. This is my favorite word. I have also learned that when Laura makes a clicky-kissy sound, and tugs my leash, it’s time to turn whichever way she pulled my leash. Tiffy and Marco turn at the same time. We look like a Sled Team when we do this. People we see tell us we are GOOD DOGS!

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Oh boy. It’s time for me to chew on my Nylabone, and then take a nap. I LOVE you! I hope you are having as much fun as I am. I will write you another letter soon.

Big puppy kisses!


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