Ford is a very loyal dog that loves to be by your side. This 5 year old Lab mix is wonderful with kids of all ages and his family loves him desperately. Unfortunately, when Ford’s family was PCSed overseas with the Army, their flight was changed at the last minute in a way that prevented Ford from flying with them. Terrified that they would lose their furry family, Ford’s parents called PACT. PACT jumped into action and Ford was quickly placed with the Ferko family, who has fostered for PACT before and was eager to foster again. Ford loved living with the Ferko family for a month while his owners set up a new flight plan, and on Sunday he boarded a plane to rejoin his loving family overseas. PACT was overjoyed to be able to help a pet in crisis and his devoted family, and the Ferkos loved having the playful pup around. Thank you to everyone involved in keeping Ford safe and helping him be reunited with his loved ones.

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