Joe is a retired Veteran, and he’s accepted a civilian position in Australia. He and his wife Malena have two adorable Papillons, Fifi and Lucy. They are in need of a foster home for one month, so they can finalize the preparations to bring their dogs with them overseas. At 10 and 11 years old, respectively, Fifi and Lucy have lived their entire lives with Joe and Malena.

FiFi is very sweet and loving, but is more independent than most lap dogs. She is extremely smart and still continues to learn new tricks. As a puppy, she was always around her owners’ grandchildren when they were babies. As such, she has developed a special place in her heart for children.

Lucy’s motto is “Love the one you’re with”. She loves everyone and lives for their love in return. She is very small and extra cute, so she usually wins the hearts of all her meet her very quickly. She is lively and courageous.

Thank you to PACT foster Kathleen for caring for these adorable pups! And thank you to Joe for your service!

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