Holly was fostering Dorian Grey and Mrs. Belvedere, two loving kitties, while their mother, Dara, deployed for a year to Afghanistan. Dara was thrilled to come across PACT’s Military Foster Program while searching the Internet. With no family in the immediate area, she was determined to exhaust every option before turning to a shelter. We were able to match her up with Holly who enjoyed spoiling Dorian Grey and Mrs. Belvedere over the year while she kept in constant contact with Dara via email. Dara returned just before Christmas to pick up her two beloved kitties, and was overjoyed to see the amazing care they had received while she was away.

If you are interested in fostering wonderful pets like these, please fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email info@pactforanimals.org and let us know!