Debo is a delight!

An adorable, 8-year-old boxer, Debo loves to love you! Other than showering his humans with adoration, he also likes chasing lasers and lights, watching TV, and chasing his tail (though he hasn’t caught it yet!). He is the beloved pup of Sgt David Chrisman, who is being relocated back into barracks housing for just four months, until June. Unfortunately, David did not know anyone who can watch his darling Debo until he could get pet-friendly housing again. They have been best buds for 8 years and he could not bear to lose him forever! PACT put Sgt David Chrisman in touch with Faye who was eager to welcome sweet Debo into her home. Now Debo has several other doggy buddies to play with until he and his dad can be together again.

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