Check out our great new 3 minute video of a cute bulldog being reunited with his dad!

Charley and his family found PACT when his dad, Justin, needed to enter a rehab facility but had no one to watch his beloved dog. Justin had wanted a bulldog his entire life, and was heartbroken that he might lose his best friend when he would be hospitalized for 1 month. PACT was able to quickly connect Justin with Mimi, a wonderful foster very close to his home. Charley absolutely loved his foster mom! Mimi and Charley kept each other company through the harsh winter. Days before Justin was about to pick up Charley from Mimi’s foster home, he broke his ankle in three places and had to get surgery. Mimi was happy to keep her foster friend until Justin made a full recovery. After their great foster experience, Justin and Mimi have become full PACT advocates, and have found an extended family in each other, thanks to the love of one fabulous foster dog.