Sheril is a citizen in Brooklyn, NY, who is dealing with chronic health issues that requires hospital care a few times a year.  Sheril is hoping to make a connection with a local family who would be able to care for her dog, Chipotle, while she receives inpatient treatment.

Chipotle is a 7 year old, 10lbs, neutered male Chihuhua.  Chipotle is up to date on his vaccinations, flea/tick preventative, and heartworm preventative.  Chipotle is Sheril’s constant companion, but as such, he doesn’t have much experience with other dogs, cats, or kids. Sheril has trained Chipotle on puppy pads for indoor use, but he does occasionally enjoy a walk outside as well.

FUR FACTS: Chipotle
TBD– TBD (Preliminary searching for foster match for future hospital stays)
Currently in Brooklyn, NY
Male, Neutered, 7 years old, 10 lbs Chihuahua

Children: Untested with young kids
Other dogs: Good with small dogs after introduction
Cats: Untested with cats
Low Energy, house broken, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention

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