All hail the Chief!

Dates: 10/1/22 – 10/1/25

Desired placement location: Currently in Oceanside, CA. He can be transported anywhere in the US to find the right home.

The owner is in the Marines and deploying to Okinawa, Japan.


  • Male German Shepherd
  • 4 years old, 65 pounds
  • Hyper/High Energy
  • Healthy
  • Loves people. Has lived with/can be with kids 6 yrs old+
  • Not good around other dogs or cats.
  • Pulls heavily on the leash*
  • Doesn’t try to bolt/escape
  • Bark-o-Matic Scale (out of 5): 4.*
  • Aggressive towards other animals but good with people
  • Destructive if kept apart from his humans*


Chief is very affectionate and loves cuddle time with his people. He is great at comforting you if you had a bad day. He also craves attention and gets jealous of any attention given to his 2 canine siblings. (He will growl and snap). Due to this jealousy, it’s felt he would be happiest in a foster home where he is the only pet and center of all the love and affection he can get! He is even good with strangers in the house – he will bark at them initially (but does nothing else), and then a few minutes after you arrive, he is looking for attention.

While walking on his leash, Chief does initially pull on it but then calms down. However, if he sees an animal, he may get excited and get worked up, so the foster has to be able to control a strong dog on a leash and be prepared for ducking behind cars or walking in another direction should another dog come into view.

When Chief is left alone during the day, he is absolutely fine and calm and does not require crating. *However, should you be home and try to either crate him or close doors so that he cannot follow you/be with you – all heck will break loose (he may scratch and destroy things trying to reach you), so he should be able to have access to you whenever he wishes…He is truly a “Velcro Dog”!

Chief is a big barker* and will bark whenever he hears a noise or someone knocks at the door. He also requires a 6′ high fence as he can jump high; he will typically try to jump over the fence if he sees you in the other yard and wants to be with you (like we said, he loves being with people).

As far as exercise, he enjoys long walks, so a family willing to tend to his need for attention and companionship would be his ideal home.

The final word is that while he has a few quirks, so long as Chief isn’t around other animals and gets the attention he craves, he’s a great dog and will love you unconditionally.

If you would be interested in fostering Chief, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at