UPDATE: Buster was reunited!

Buster is the best!

Buster is a smart, good natured orange cat that gets along well with other pets and children. She likes being petted, purring, and sleeping. She has been with her mother, Leia, for 12 years, but Leia’s mother, Kim, needs her daughter’s help while Kim goes through cancer treatment. Unfortunately, Kim is allergic to cats and cannot have Buster around in her already weakened state. Kim has a friend who will be able to take Buster in June, but they have no one else who can keep him until then. Luckily, Leia called PACT for help, and PACT placed Buster with loving foster mom, Karissa. Now Leia does not have to worry about losing her best friend, and can take care of Kim through cancer treatment. PACT wishes Kim and Leia all the best, and thanks Karissa for taking care of Buster.

Due to needing an extension of the foster term, Buster was fortunate to have another foster home eager to provide her with a place to stay and lots of love. Thank you Fran for helping Buster out, and for doing so so soon after your last foster term ended!