Bugsy and Soldier have been reunited!

Bugsy and Soldier are Russian Blues who love to cuddle, as well as chasing bugs and getting back scratches. They are the furry family of Army Specialist Shawn Rose, who just received orders to South Korea for two years. He had both cats since they were kittens, and desperately wanted to see them again when he returned. Luckily, Shawn called PACT for help. PACT found a safe loving home for Bugsy and Soldier with Cindy, who has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a foster pet. Though Bugsy and Soldier were sad to see their dad go, they are acclimating to their settings, and exploring the crannies behind Cindy’s couch. Thank you to Cindy for helping families and pets in need, and thank you Shawn for your service to our country.

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