They say that true love finds you when you’re least expecting it.  That’s what happened to Andie, a member of our US Coast Guard!  A few weeks ago, a stray pup found Andie outside her local Walmart, skinny and alone.  Andie took “Bubba” to the vet, got him checked out and vaccinated, and then started trying to find his owners.  A dog like this couldn’t just be alone?  Bubba was so friendly and sweet!  After a few weeks and no responses, Andie decided that she would be Bubba’s new person and give him the life he deserves.  Here’s the problem: Andie is preparing for an on-ship assignment from 4/28/2020 – 11/21/2020.  She’s hoping to work with PACT to find the perfect foster for her sweet boy near their home in Ocean Springs, MS.

Bubba is an estimated 1 year old 40lbs shepherd mix.  He will be neutered on 2/17/2020.  Bubba is up to date on his vaccinations, flea/tick, and heartworm prevention.  This gorgeous boy is new to the world and new to living in a home with a person, but he’s so far a quick study!  Bubba is crate trained and working on his leash manners, his “sit” and his “stay.”  Bubba may bark in his crate if you’re in the same room, but he quiets down when he’s alone.  He loves a Kong full of peanut butter!  Andie says that he hasn’t chewed on any furniture, but if clothing is laying around he may go and chomp on that.

Andie says, “Bubba prances when he walks, and lifts his head up. He has the most dramatic leash-prance ever! Every few steps he turns around to make sure you’re still with him. He also needs to be touching your thigh when walking slow, he stays right next to you. He is special because we found him abandoned in the Walmart parking lot here, and in really disgusting, awful shape. Clearly not fed or cared for. After a few days of vet visits and chip scanning, I personally took him in and covered everything. That’s how special he is to me. He is too good of a pup to land in a shelter, and I truly believe he found me for a reason. Bubba would be happy really anywhere, which makes him such a great dog! He’s very even keeled and gets along with everyone. He’s good with young kids and other dogs, and loves to play and go on walks. I would love to see him in a home with another dog he could play with, and a home with a big backyard and a foster family who loves to go on walks and play fetch.”  Someone please consider being this boy’s valentine, and keeping him safe until Andie can reunite with him!

4/28/2020 – 11/21/2020 (6 months)
Currently in Ocean Springs, MS
Male, Neuter-pending, 1 years old, 40 lbs Shepherd mix

Children: Good with kids
Other dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Untested with cats
High Energy, house broken, crate trained, leash trained, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm prevention

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