Echo and Boomer fill Yvonne’s home with humor!
These two wonderful dogs have made a great addition to Yvonne’s home. Echo and Boomer are litter-mates, young Great Danes that love to be with you and are always excited to see you. They are the furry family of Army Staff Sergeant Juan, who has a 10-month deployment to Camp Casey, Korea. Normally Juan’s parents care for his pups while he is away, but his parents are facing a medical crisis of their own and could not handle two young Danes. Juan could not bear to lose his beloved pups when he will be away less than a year, so he contacted PACT for Animals. In only two weeks, PACT had connected Juan with Yvonne, who had found us on Facebook less than a month before. Yvonne and her military veteran husband had a pug of their own but loved big dogs and were thrilled to welcome Boomer and Echo into their home. Juan can complete his duty to his country with an easy heart, knowing his beloved pups are safe and waiting for his return.
The Danes have been reunited with Juan! Thank you Yvonne for taking such good care of them, and thank you to Juan for your service!
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