This has been a great month for PACT publicity! Our first digital billboard was designed and can be seen just West of the Willow Grove exit on the PA Turnpike, on the left heading towards Valley Forge! Our own wonderful Kathleen Barton is the star of the billboard with her two dogs, Sasha and Veda. Kathleen’s dogs were one of the first Pact Fosters when she and her husband were deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months. News videos on NBC and ABC featured the reunion between herself and her beloved pets. Kathleen has since begun volunteering regularly for PACT, and even handles many of our pick-ups and reunions in the New Jersey area. If you are ever driving West from Willow Grove, take a look at the billboards in the area and see if you can spot ours!

We also were featured on another news channel, NBC40, on April 13th! Seaman Eric Burmil, U.S. Navy., and his family were able to be reunited with their wonderful dogs Enzo and Zeus, who had been fosters of PACT for the last year. Their foster mom was encouraged to foster for PACT by her own sister, another foster and recent PACT video-star of the Michael King reunion! The Edwards family had two dogs of their own, but loved having Enzo and Zeus in their lives to keep their own pets company. The best part of the video is seeing how happy the Burmils’ 3-year old daughter is when she hugs her furry friends again. Watch it here!