Joshua is a veteran of the US Marines who is seeking in patient treatment for PTSD sustained during his years of faithful service.  Joshua’s family needs help urgently for the care of his sweet dog, Barnabas, near their home in Kansas City, MO, starting ASAP – 1/31/2022.
Barnabas is a 4 year old, 75lbs, neutered male Labrador/Mastiff mix.  Barnabas is microchipped, up to date on his vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, and heartworm prevention.  Barnabas is crate trained and knows commands for sit, stay, and jump up, but will need some help with his leash manners as he is a strong puller.  Barnabas is great with other dogs, though he is highly energetic which has been too much for some alpha dogs in the past.  Joshua simply separated Barnabas from the other dogs until everyone was at a lower energy level, and then they were able to play together successfully.  Barnabas is a great, friendly dog who will need plenty of walks and exercise.  Joshua says, “He really is a great dog, loves to run and run, if he gets out he usually comes back home, sits on the porch and can’t wait to get inside. He is high energy, but when either my wife or I or down, he’s right next to us to help bring our spirits back up.  His perfect foster family would be a family that would spend time with him, walk with him, let him run in a large area that he can’t escape from. A family that understands he’s a spoiled big lap dog and wouldn’t mind if he laid next to them for the night or a little nap.”

FUR FACTS: Barnabas
ASAP –  1/31/2022 (5 months)
Currently in Kansas City, MO

Male, Neutered, 4 years old, 75 lbs Lab/Mastiff mix

Children: Untested with kids
Other dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Untested with cats
High Energy, crate trained, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, microchipped

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