Can anyone watch this wonderful, loving pup? Bandit’s owner has received PCS orders to deploy to Japan.  The owner is assigned to the dorms. Once settled, the owner will look for housing off base and if possible, then make arrangements to transport Bandit to him in Japan. The owner is willing to transport Bandit ANYWHERE for a foster but would prefer a foster on the West Coast.

Fur Facts:
Male, Boxer/Pyrenees Mix
1-year-old, 80 pounds
Hyper/high energy
Working on leash training, crate trained
Loves people, dogs, and cats!

Fun Fact:
Bandit is a super friendly, lovable dog, who loves people, dogs, and cats. Bandit is so cute, that when he sees you, he gets so excited that he scrunches up his nose and it looks like he is smiling. He is very playful and always happy! Bandit has an adorable curly tail and loves to cuddle (when he’s done playing).

Bandit loves going to the dog park and gets along with most dogs. However, Bandit does not like when Alpha dogs are aggressive with him and he will let them know he doesn’t like rough play.  Sometimes when an alpha dog will pick a fight, Bandit will defend himself. Bandit behaves well on walks unless he sees another dog. Then, he will bark and lunge because he wants to meet them.

Usually, Bandit only barks if he sees something or if he wants your attention. Otherwise, he is rather quiet. If he wants food or to be let out, he will just stare at you.  In the past, when the owner used Rover for pet sitting services, the sitters have said, “Bandit gets a bit sad and keeps to himself the first couple of days, but then he gets used to his new environment and is fine.”

The perfect foster home would be one who is loving, with some patience (for the walks). Bandit loves people and warms up to them quickly. Bandit would love a place where he could run. But, it is more important that he is with a foster who just really cares about him.