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Adam had more than enough to deal with when he was called away from his wife, twin girls, and Great Dane Ares to do a 12-month tour of duty in South Korea. When his wife faced personal hardships at home and was unable to keep Ares, Adam had no options left and no way to get home. Luckily, he and his parents found PACT and a foster family who was one dog away from perfection. Phyllis and her two teenagers were ecstatic to open their doors and hearts to Ares, who is one of the sweetest and best-behaved dogs PACT has ever seen– and definitely the biggest! Adam’s parents drove Ares all the way from Illinois to Philadelphia, so that Phyllis and her family could have a few months companionship with the nicest dog they know, and Adam could have peace of mind, knowing his best friend would be well taken care of until he returned. This week, Adam returned from Korea and drove up from Arkansas to be reunited with his best friend, and even the well-trained Dane could hardly contain his excitement. While Phyllis and her family are sad to see Ares go, they are excited to have the summer free to do whatever they want and look forward to fostering with PACT again in the fall.

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