Apollo’s owner is in the Army and stationed in Hawaii. She needs someone to watch Apollo until the export procedure is completed and they can be reunited. His owner may need the foster to take Apollo for a quick blood test at the vet to help complete the process.

Apollo is currently located in Houston, TX and they would like for him to stay within a 2- or 3-hour drive since they are relying on a family friend to help transport to the foster. Apollo is your typical silly lab, that just wants to play and be loved.


  • Male, Lab/Great Dane Mix
  • 2 years old, 77 lbs
  • Hyper High Energy, crate trained, pulls when walked
  • Housebroken
  • Good with people, children and other dogs
  • No destructive tendencies except for socks and underwear
  • No aggressive tendencies


Apollo is a certified emotional support dog who is very social and loving. He loves people, children and other dogs. Apollo enjoys going for long walks and hanging out a dog parks, playing with all the other dogs. He has never been off leash around a cat, but the owner feels he might want to play with them, whether they want to or not. He is well trained and won’t eat his dinner without being given the command to eat. In the evenings, he loves cuddling up and getting belly scratches. Apollo also doesn’t realize his size and will still try and sit on your lap. Apolo normally sleeps in the living room on the sofa or in his crate with the door open.

The perfect home would have a yard and another pup or children for him to play with every day.

If you would be interested in fostering Apollo, please visit our website at pactforanimals.org and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at Sue@pactforanimals.org.