Meet Ada May! This loyal Beagle-Terrier mix is seeking a foster home to care for her while her owner is training with the Marine Corps. She is a sweet 10-year-old senior who has been with her owner since she was rescued at 2 – he would be devastated to have to relinquish her to the shelter.

Currently located in Oakland, MI, Ada May needs a home from October 1, 2022, through December 20, 2023. Her owner is able to transport her up to 4 hours one-way to ensure she finds a safe place to land.

Fur Facts

Female, Beagle-Terrier Mix
10 years old, about 30 lbs.
Crate-trained, excitable on the leash
Medium energy
Loves people, including children
Dogs may be OK with slow introduction or in open spaces, like the park

Fun Facts

Ada May is a sweet 10-year-old senior who has been with her owner since she was rescued at 2 – they are incredibly bonded and she has been an important support and comfort to him throughout their time together. He says even though she has cute little crossed-eyes, you know she is looking right at you – a real companion, who is both adorable and a little saucy and fun, too.

She really loves people, more than even being around other dogs, and enjoys going for walks and out on nature trails – she is a bit of an explorer and even an escape artist at times. If Ada May can’t be out in nature, she’s very happy to be perched at the window or door looking outside. She loves to be with you, but is just as content finding a spot to lay down and hang out, independently.

A foster who can keep a close eye on Ada May and help her work through some escape-artist tendencies, nervousness and unexpected behaviors is ideal, as loud noises, like thunderstorms, tend to startle her and she can get anxious, seeking a place to hide (and possibly a toilet paper roll or two to chew). Ada May is also fearful around cats and can be aggressive with other dogs in enclosed environments, so a home with no other pets or one where she can be kept separate would be best. She does love the dog park and happily socializes there.

This 30-lb. pup loves her people and would make a sweet addition to a foster family, showing off her tricks like sit, stay, turn-around and shake.

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