Hello and Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!
This year has already started off with a bang, as we were awarded a $15,000 grant from Banfield Charitable Trust! Thank you Banfield! Looking back over the last year, we have doubled our fundraising donations and tripled the number of foster homes, as well as the number of animals we are placing on a monthly basis– and we just keep growing!

I hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming year and everything PACT is going to be doing. We are speaking with several military deployment groups, tabling at many events, enjoying an ever-increasing media and social networking presence, and have a constantly growing number of foster homes and foster animals in need. We have also started a small education program that visits local schools to teach children about the human-animal bond and the proper way to care for their pets. These things, combined with our top-notch program and development managers, mean big things for us in 2014!
The last two weeks have been a serious doozy for PACT Fosters- in a really positive way! We had three animal drop-offs: Ralph the crotchety cat who met his Foster mom LaFrenchie and immediately made friends; Nietzsche the friendly husky who joined Michelle’s happy pack, and Mya the sweet terrier whose mom drove 24 hours straight from Tennessee to drop her off with the amazing Ferko family. We also had three reunions: Skyy the sweet yellow lab covered his owner Nick in kisses when he was picked up at his Arizona foster home; Rainey the amazing coonhound was reunited his his dad Jaime in Colorado; and Dutch the adorable cockapoo finally got to rejoin his mom and her daughter at their new home in New Jersey.
We also had a great time re-homing George the affectionate akita/pit bull mix. His foster mom suffered a stress fracture in her foot, and found herself unable to walk him, so with a little help from her friends (and a lot from PACT) she was able to drop him off at the Barker Lounge in Folsom where George stayed until we were able to find him a new foster home. Less than two days later, I visited George with his new potential foster family for a meet-and-greet, and George got along so well with the family dog Lily that George went home with them the next day! While the Barker Lounge was happy to see George living with a loving family until his mom comes home in four months, they loved having him around so much they even offered the Parson family free daycare once a week just to see sweet Georgie’s face again.
We have had several new Foster Family applications in the last two weeks as well, so we are up to 42 unchecked local homes. It’s a new year- maybe they plan on volunteering more in 2014! So lets keep moving! After that much-deserved two week break for holiday cheer, it’s time to rev up our engines and start our service engines back up!

We are STILL looking for a foster for BROOKLYN, the sweet little American Staffordshire puppy. He only needs a foster for seven months, won’t you step up and offer this guy a hand?

If there are ANY questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know! Thank you again for all of your hard work and generous help, all of us here at PACT really appreciate it and of course the animals and their owners cannot thank you enough. Your help is a crucial part of this organization, so lets pick up our stride and together we will take 2014 by storm!
Deborah Bedoll
Assistant Manager
PACT for Animals