These two cuties’ family are in the Navy and being deployed to an area that would be unsafe for them. Currently located in Tacoma, WA, the family is glad to transport them and do meet/greets to ensure a safe and happy 2 years for them. The family would love video calls and updates, as they are heartbroken to leave these cuties behind.

The family rescued Mama and her son from the streets of Guam. Guam dogs are descended from heroic war dogs left behind on the island and are extremely intelligent. Another military member had abandoned Mama. The owner vowed never to abandon them and flew them back to the states.

The family is honestly hoping to find a foster home that will let them stay together, and that will allow them on the furniture, as they’ve become quite accustomed to their luxuries 😉 True to their island nature, they adore most fruits and vegetables. They have never experienced snow before, so that’ll be fun!

Foster Needed

Fur Facts
Male, Min pin/Chihuahua mix
2 years old, 20 pounds
Medium-high energy
Crate trained
Good with people and older children
Good with low-energy medium and small dogs
Will bark or chase cats but not harm them
No destructive tendencies except for remote controls or small plastic objects.
Loves hikes or jogs
Favorite vegetable: Corn on the cob- watch him strip the corn down like he’s in a corn-eating competition!

Fun Facts
Nex is a sweet happy dog that enjoys long walks and being kept busy with toys and cuddles. Nex is a bit of a guard dog and will bark at strangers approaching the door or passing the house. Nex loves people and can get along with other dogs after an adjustment period and figuring out who’s who in the pecking order. This “figuring out process” involves Nex trying to hump you to see if he is your leader, so he will need someone who understands how to gently squash that tendency. When out, he is likely to chase people on bikes. Nex does not like a lot of commotion, so a quiet household with older teenage children or no children would be preferred. The owner will provide a weekly supply of Oinkies chews, and Nex has plenty of toys.

Fur Facts
Female, Chihuahua mix
3+ years old, 30 pounds
Low energy
Crate trained
Good with people and older children – is a total cuddle bug
Good with low-energy medium or small dogs after a period of adjustment
No destructive tendencies
Favorite fruit: Watermelon

Fun Facts:
Mama is sweet and very mellow. She is only 3 but most people think she is older due to her quiet nature. When Mama was found, she was starved and had a deep collar wound. Mama has packed on the pounds now though! Mama can get along with other dogs but can be fearful and reactive around hyper or larger dogs that invade her space. Mama is also frightened of fast motions or loud noises so a home without young children is best. Mama would do best with only Nex or a home with mellower or smaller dogs. The owner is happy to do a meet and greet if you have dogs. Mama’s family did a lot of dog rescue in Guam. Mama enjoys walks and relaxing in the sunshine.

While Kylo is not destructive, he is still in the puppy stage and MUST be crated when left alone.

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