Isik found a foster in CO!

Jacob is a member of the US Army and is preparing his family for a change of stations overseas on 8/7/2021.  Jacob expected to be able to fly his dog, Isik, with the family at the same time, but due to rising temperatures at both their departure and arrival airports, Isik will need to take […]

Simba found a foster in MD!

Lynn is a member of the US Air Force currently on assignment overseas until 6/1/2022.  Lynn’s family is looking for additional assistance with her cat, Simba for the next 10 months while his owner is on deployment.  Simba is currently in Baltimore, MD, and waiting for his perfect foster home! Simba is a 4 year […]

Pierre found a foster in VA!

Lauren is a member of the US Army who is leaving for basic training from 1/10/2022 to 3/31/2023.  She had originally had a friend say they could watch her dog Pierre while she is in training, but recently they said they would be unable to care for him.  Pierre is looking for a great foster […]

Anja found a foster in MD!

Loren is a member of the US Air Force who is currently overseas and has been for some time!  Loren had left his beautiful dog Anja with his mom, but she has unfortunately suffered some health issues in the past few months and now Loren and his mom are looking for an alternative home for […]

George and Leslie found a foster in NJ!

Eric is a member of the US Army who will be going to basic training from 7/18/2021 – 7/1/2022.  Eric is hoping to find a great PACT foster for his two adorable dogs, George and Leslie, near their home in East Brunswick, NJ. George is a 3 year old, 80lbs, neutered male mastiff mix.  George […]

Billy found a foster in MI!

Anna is a member of the US Coast Guard who will be going to training from 7/24/2021 – 11/16/2021.  Anna doesn’t have family or friends nearby her home in Williamsburg, MI, who can take care of her cat Billy during this training period.  Anna is hoping that there might be a great PACT foster in […]