Success Stories

Military Fosters

Hospital Fosters

  • Ivy has found a foster home!

    August 2017

    Sharon recently had back surgery and will be in in-patient physical rehab for the next several months. Sharon’s niece reached out to us begging for help…

  • Duke and Oscar found a foster!

    August 2017

    Sharinda needs surgery and her doctor has ordered her bed rest to recover for the next 4-6 weeks.  Sharinda has no one to care for her…

  • KATO found a foster!

    June 2017

    Bethany has just had a serious spinal fusion.  While she recovers she needs to be very still and have as little movement as possible.  This…

  • Rembrandt and SweetPea reunited!

    June 2017

    Max and Julie Courtney’s daughter will be undergoing major surgery and they will be staying in the Ronald McDonald House near Philadelphia. Unfortunately, they can’t…

  • Teeko reunited with Kevin!

    March 2017

    Kevin will be entering inpatient PTSD treatment for a past trauma he suffered. His son and his dog Teeko are his world, and his primary…

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