Building the human-animal bond starts with understanding the issues facing companion animals. By way of free seminars and free humane educational programs, we hope to educate the public about important animal issues confronting us today.

PACT for Animals seminars cover:

  • “No Kill” shelters
  • Breed specific legislation and prejudice
  • Puppy mills
  • Importance of spaying and neutering
  • Furthering the human-companion animal bond

Childrens Programs

Through free educational programs, workshops and student-run projects, PACT expands children’s knowledge of companion animals, their needs, and how we can help them. It’s been said that the children are our future, and when it comes to PACT, those words hold true- young adults are an integral part in PACT’s mission of championing the human-companion animal bond.

PACT for Animals free educational programs provide:

  • Age-appropriate lectures and workshops
  • Consultation on student-run projects
  • Distribution of goods and money collected to shelters via student-run projects
  • Organized activities, gatherings and events for children
  • Reading + book-review programs

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South Jersey Middle School

We need support!

Help us make a difference by attending PACT’s educational programs and workshops or hosting a PACT seminar at your business. If you have a project idea of your own that can help educate, inform and involve your community contact PACT at:

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