All Military Fosters

  • Sandy Placed!

    July 2017

    UPDATE: Sandy has found a foster! Gregg is in the US Marines and is being deployed overseas for the next two years.  His extended family is unable…

  • Sarah and Cypress Found a Foster Home Together!

    July 2017

    UPDATE: Sarah and Cypress have found a foster home together! Aaron is a Sgt. for the US Army who received last minute orders to be…

  • Binkz saved by Susan!

    May 2017

    Antoinette, a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, and Binkz, her loyal pup, have been together for 8 years—Binkz’s entire life. Antoinette has received orders to…

  • Peanut and Gizmo saved by Crystal!

    April 2017

    Steve is in the National Guard, and will be attending additional training required to become an Officer. His wife Janelle and child must relocate and…

  • Boots saved by Candia!

    April 2017

    Staff Sergeant Jose, a member of the U.S. Army, received last minute orders that he will be deploying to Germany immediately. It’s urgent that he…

  • Johnny saved by Salvatore!

    April 2017

    A Tragedy Turned Hopeful… Dominick is in the Army and currently attending training. He couldn’t find anyone to take care of his dog Johnny, and…

  • Leo saved by Carol!

    April 2017

    Barry, a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, and his family are in the process of transitioning to McGuire Air Force Base in NJ….

  • Loki the Dane saved by Amy!

    Loki has been in a few PACT foster homes, and his last one was pretty much the perfect fit. But because of his size, Loki…

  • Chitty & Tohmas saved by Kelley!

    April 2017

    Stephen, a U.S. Army Captain, is deploying to Iraq for six months. His two beautiful Bengal kitties need a foster home while he is away….

  • Loki saved by Linda & Bernie!

    Leon is a Sergeant First Class in the Army. He and his family have already deployed to Germany. They thought they had a home for…

  • Faith saved by Pam!

    March 2017

    Faith promises to be a fun addition to your family! Her dad Martin, a Private First Class in the Army, thought he had someone to…

  • Coco saved by Shannon!

    March 2017

    Tamara is a First Lieutenant in the Army, and will be deploying to Kuwait. Coco is her adorable Pomeranian that she’s had since he was…

  • Morgan saved by Debbie!

    February 2017

    Jacqueline will be leaving soon to attend out of state Navy training. Morgan, her sweet Labradoodle, is in need of a foster home for the…

  • ROCKY & OREO saved by Donna!

    July 2016

    Rocky and Oreo’s owner, Nathan, is in the Air Force, and has been deployed to Korea for 2 years. Nathan was willing to drive anywhere…

  • GIZMO saved by SARA!

    June 2016

    Gizmo wants to give love! Gizmo may be shy, but don’t let his demeanor fool you. His heart is full of love and patience, especially…

  • SHIANN saved by Cindy!

    March 2016

    Shiann is special! Shiann is an exceptionally smart, well-trained, and friendly German Shepherd. She enjoys playing outside, meeting new dogs and people, and doing tricks…

  • BUGSY and SOLDIER saved by Cindy!

    These two funny cats will give you all the love you need! Bugsy and Soldier are Russian Blues who love to cuddle, as well as…

  • PENELOPE and LANEY saved by Sandy!

    January 2016

    Penelope and Laney will light up your life!   These two darling dogs love to love you! Penelope, a quiet Labrador, only wants to be…

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