All Hospital Fosters

  • BUSTER saved by Fran!

    June 2016

    Buster is the best! Buster is a smart, good natured orange cat that gets along well with other pets and children. She likes being petted,…


    June 2015

    BELLA Bella the beloved St Bernard loves everyone right back! Her dad, David, is currently in Hahnemann Hospital getting treatment for a brain tumor. David’s family…

  • Syren

    February 2015

    Syren is a sweet, active, 11-year-old German Shepherd that loves to play tug of war and have his back scratched. He is a big baby who…

  • Ibanez and Lil Bit

    October 2014

    Li’l Bit and Ibanez Li’l Bit and Ibanez are fine around dogs and great with other cats– they just want to be petted and loved….

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