Jessica & William

Jessica and William’s baby Emma was born 27 weeks premature in Tucson, AZ. Due to her early delivery she had a brain bleed and was transported to Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. Her parents were given a place to stay at the Ronald McDonald House at the Children’s Hospital until Emma is released from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She is being monitored to see if she will require brain surgery.

Jessica and William both had to take an unpaid leave of absence from their jobs to be with Emma while she fights to get healthy enough to go home. Their dogs Keta and Apsen were able to stay in Tucson temporarily with a family member. No other family or friends were able to care for the dogs for the remainder of the time. Jessica reached out to PACT for our help. This is precisely the type of emergency that PACT exists for. The placement coordinators worked hard to find an appropriate foster home that would take both Keta and Aspen into their home.

Fortunately Lorraine and her family were able to provide Keta and Aspen with a wonderful foster home. Lorraine lives in MA, so the dogs were flown up from AZ.

Buzz, the founder of PACT, recently put aside time while working in Arizona, in order to pay a visit to Emma and her parents at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We all are so relieved to learn that Emma is doing wonderfully, and will hopefully return home in the near future. Although PACT puts special emphasis on the human-animal bond, we see time and time again, that it’s also the relationships formed between pet owners and fosters and members of the PACT team, that make what we do so very special.

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