URGENT - Chloe needs a foster in IL or BEYOND ASAP!

URGENT – Chloe needs a foster in IL or BEYOND ASAP!

Captain Philipps and his wife, Stephanie, adopted Chloe 8 years ago, just when he started his career in the US Army.  Chloe has been with the family ever since, through highs and lows, and even through the births of the couple’s children.  Chloe is their “first baby” and what she has gone through over the past few months is truly devastating to the family.

In June, the Philipps’ received orders to be deployed overseas for three years.  Chloe has in the past gone everywhere stateside with them, but has extreme travel stress.  Due to her old age and the bad anxiety she gets when traveling, the family decided to entrust her with Stephanie’s brother in Illinois for the three years they would be away.  Unfortunately, her brother adopted a young puppy at that same time, and recently in January, Chloe began exhibiting aggressive and defensive behaviors toward the puppy, to the point where Stephanie’s brother decided to surrender Chloe to a local animal shelter.

Chloe is a senior dog, who is used to being the only animal in her household, and who is missing the family she has known her entire life.  To be abandoned at a shelter must be terrifying for her, and it is devastating to Stephanie, who shares a close bond with her dog.  Luckily, the shelter was able to get Chloe into temporary foster care for the next two weeks – which means we have very limited time to get Chloe into the right foster home.

Please help us give Chloe the quiet place she needs to rest and recover from a stressful few months, and save this family from being torn apart.

02/10/18 – 06/1/20 (2.5 years)
Currently in Chicago Heights, IL
Female, Spayed, 8 years old, 50lbs Yellow Lab Mix

Children: Best with children 13+ years old.
Other dogs: Please let Chloe be the only animal in your home.
Cats: Please let Chloe be the only animal in your home.
House Broken, Crate Trained
Low Energy

If you are interested in fostering wonderful pets like Chloe, please fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email info@pactforanimals.org and let us know!