Jasper & Poo need a home in VA/ NC/ DC/ MD

Jasper & Poo need a home in VA/ NC/ DC/ MD

AJ is joining the U.S. Army, and needs to attend military training. His wife must move in with family members, and they unfortunately are extremely allergic to cats. AJ has exhausted all resources in looking for a temporary home for his two cats Jasper and Poo. In his own words, “he is trying to serve his country and keep his beloved pets at the same time.” There is no reason why these two things cannot easily coexist.

Jasper and Poo are low maintenance and love to cuddle. Jasper is very affectionate at times, but mostly spends his time by himself. “A gorgeous aristocratic cat!” He’s very laid back and only talks when he shares the scratching post with his brother, or is hungry.

Poo is very silly and adorable. (Just look at the picture on the right!) His favorite thing is to sleep on AJ or in between his legs.

These two young boys are a pleasure to be around, and they only ask you to consider opening your home and heart to them for the next 6-7 months while they are temporarily separated from their parents.

4/5/17 – 12/31/17 (9 months)
Norfolk, VA

Good with other cats
Ignores/indifferent to dogs
Indoor only
Litter box trained

Male neutered Siamese cat
3 years old, 7 lbs

Low energy

Male neutered DSH cat
1.5 years old, 5 lbs

Medium energy

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